Ai Drone

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Ai Drone

TX Juice Ai Drone is the easiest to fly quadcopter on Earth! 

Using the patent TX Juice Artificial Intelligence System, the Ai Drone is one of the most easy to use quadcopters ever! Get the perfect flight control using Gyro Stabilisation and artificial intelligence. Make it whizz around the skies and perform a variety of flips.

Press the Juice button and the Ai DRONE will take off and hover approximately 1 metre from the ground, waiting for you to take control. Four channels, gyro stability, Pro grade R/C 2.4GHz , and the patented Ai system ensure extraordinarily controlled flights. Simply press the Juice Button when you are ready to land - no fuss, no sudden accidents! The Ai DRONE is able to perform 360° degree flips with the touch of a button. It been has an Auto-stunt button that, when pressed, flips the Ai DRONE and then lands it safely - all on autopilot!

Ai DRONE includes Li-Poly re-chargeable battery and built-in ground detection system
TX handset with Juice Button, requires 4 x AAA batteries 1.5V (not included)
USB charging cable
FOUR spare propellers
Full instructions for use