Marble Run Spinning

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Marble Run Spinning

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  • START A COLLECTION: With Quercetti's Spinning Marble Run you and your child are off to the races as you build elaborate mazes and watch as the marbles turn left, right and spin through the vortex funnels. For an even more expansive adventure, combine it with other Quercetti Marble Run Building Sets.
  • NEVER KNOW WHERE THEY’LL GO: The starting gate allows you to send many marbles through consecutively. Which way will they go? They'll drop out of the funnel into a redirecting element which may send them right or left to the next adventure.
  • DESIGN YOUR OWN TRACKS: Reproduce the models pictured on the box, or enjoy experimenting with your own designs. This toy stimulates creativity and reasoning. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!
  • INTELLIGENT TOYS: Quercetti toys are designed for children ages 3 to 12 to encourage reasoning, stimulate creativity and hone physical skills. Quercetti toys span a wide range of categories and stages, from early skill builders to craft activities, pure educational products to advanced construction sets.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Quercetti Marble Run Spinning - 92 Piece Building Set. Includes 50 pillars in 2 colors, 10 marbles, 2 funnels, 2 Route deviators, 5 bases, 2 swirls, 3 starting gates, 7 curved tracks, 6 straight tracks, 1 starting gate container. Recommended for ages 5 and up.