Calla's Lily Pond My fairy garden


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Fairies become real with this beautiful desktop garden play set!

Throughout the history of mythical realms, fairies have always been connected to the spirit of nature - And with this unique play set, you get to experience that connection with plants you can actually grow all throughout this beautiful fairy landscape.

The included soil, quick-germinating seeds, and detailed grow and care instructions make it easy for kids to plant and grow beautiful flowers all throughout the special tray.

Meanwhile, as they wait for the magic of nature to happen, little ones can explore all kinds of beautiful adventures with their new friends Calla the fairy and her little squirrel friend Nutmeg.

There's a babbling stream, a charming bridge, a big leaf structure for the fairy to play on, and of course, the quaint and cozy teacup house with opening doors.

Complete with fun accessories and helpful gardening tools for a wonderfully immersive experience - Gardening and play truly become one with Calla's Lily Pond Fairy Garden!

My Fairy Garden - Calla's Lily Pond
  • Fairy play set that also doubles as an indoor garden
  • Encourages fine motor skills, gardening skills, imaginative play, an appreciation for plants and nature
  • Gardening and play truly become one!
  • Features teacup house with opening doors, large leaves and step structure, stream, charming bridge
  • Accessories include fairy stand, magical flying cord to suspend the fairy above the garden
  • Pour water over the leaves structure - Water falls into stream to help water the garden
  • Includes Teacup House, 3 Leaves and Stem, Bridge, Stream, Base, Seed Packet, Soil, Watering Can, 4 Gardening Tools, Calla the Fairy, Nutmeg the Squirrel, and more
  • Detailed gardening and care instructions included
  • High quality design and materials for exceptional play-and-garden experience