Chem 60


Investigate with safe and simple materials. Your children will learn as they have a great time with safe experiments. There is NO fear of working with dangerous chemicals or poisons.

The experiments are simple and conducted using the contents of the kit and the common household items you can usually find in any kitchen

The EDU-7075 Chemistry 60 kit provides the opportunity to discover how scientific concepts are used at home daily. Learn scientific concepts and increase scientific knowledge. We are certain that learning about science with this kit is a fun intriguing and rewarding experience for everyone! Discover basic scientific laws and phenomena.

Assemble your test tube rack and great ready for fun chemistry experiments.

The topics covered in this kit 
~ Chemical reactions 
~ Acids and bases 
~ Chromatography 
~ Crystal growing 
~ Surface tension 
~ Solutions and colloids 
~ Expansion of gases 
~ Magnetism 
~ Optics 
~ Growing plants 
~ And much more....