D/P Race Boat Blue


Once the blue Carrera RC Race Boat rises up out of the water at top speed, spray is all that can be seen. However, the performance data for this approximately 44 centimeters racing boat really does make a splash. At around 25 Kilometer it swishes over the surface of the water, straight to the front of the field. After around 20 minutes of racing fun victory is assured. This powerful blue speedboat is an unbeatable offshore specialist. The 7.4 Volt 650 mAh Li-Ion battery supplies plenty of power to fire up the hydroplane in a flash. A full recharge takes just 80 minutes thanks to the rechargeable 7.4 Volt 650 mAh battery supplied with the boat. Also included are 4X AA batteries to ensure this racing boat is ready to run or ready to make waves. The ergonomic controller with Digital/Proportional steering and control functions gives the pilot complete control of a full spectrum of maneuvers. The blue-clad powerhouse can be part of a group of up to 16 speedboats, all racing at the same time thanks to 2.4 GHz technology. Action-packed and stylish waterborne fun are guaranteed with the blue Carrera RC Race Boat.

The Carrera Radio Controlled 2.4 GHz Race Boat - Blue Features:

  • 2.4 GHz

  • Travels approximately 25 Kilometer

Motor racing is excitement and fascinating entertainment for people of all ages. Carrera offers perfect conditions for getting away from the grid wherever you are in the world. That's what makes Carrera action so absorbing! Whether putting your foot to the floor in the straights, finding the optimal braking point in critical bends or pulling off spectacular drifts - this is how to separate the true champions from the masses. Carrera has been a guarantee for the real race fan for almost 50 years!