Dino Construction Company Blaze


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Help is on the way! Three all-new dino vehicles from Dino Construction Company™ Turbo the Triceratops Police SUV, Cyclone the Pteranodon Helicopter, and Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fireboat are coming to the rescue and serving up a ferocious dose of imaginative play. This all-hero trio can navigate to any rescue mission by land, air, or sea. These dinos are perfect for indoor and outdoor play on dirt, sand, snow…even water! Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fireboat: When things heat up, he gets cooking’. With his rotating waterspout and movable neck and tail, Blaze the Plesiosaurus Fireboat bravely snuffs out fires on land or sea. In addition, check it out—he really floats!


  • Dino collection
  • Ages 3+
  • Actually floats in water
  • Waterspout turns and segmented tail moves, bends, and rotates
  • Jaws open and shut, and head tilts up and down
  • Neck slides and rotates
  • Wheels roll and cab opens and closes
  • Dino-man action figure included
  • Waterspout does not spray water