Ebird Blue Pigeon Rc Flying Bird


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Da Vinci would be proud... This thing actually looks like a real bird when it flies!

Just switch on the bird, switch on the controller, slide the power switch forward, and instantly the wings begin flapping fast.

Give it a light toss and - WHOOSH! - It really takes off!

Slide the slider to adjust the wing speed to keep it flying steady and true. Press the directional buttons to guide it all around wherever you want.

And don't worry about crashing - With its light weight yet highly durable foam body, this thing was built to last! (Trust us, we've lost count of how many times we crashed ours into the office walls - And it still works perfectly!)

Available in three unique colors and designs and amazingly easy to control, the eBird is an always exciting, never dull adventure everyone in the family will enjoy.

eBird - RC Flying Bird

  • Mechanical foam bird that actually flies with flapping wings
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, outdoor play, an interest in aviation
  • It actually looks like a bird when it flies!
  • Simple controls - Slide slider to adjust wing speed, press left/right to fly around and around
  • 2.4 Gigahertz remote control, 90 foot range - 2 channels
  • Charge using USB cord - 15 to 20 minute charge time, 8 to 10 minute fly time
  • Charge by plugging into controller
  • Controller requires 4 AA batteries - Not included
  • Made with exceptionally durable EPP foam material - Built for lasting enjoyment 

    Note: If you want to fly more than one eBird at a time, the 2-channel remotes should have no problem controlling their own birds (info from technicians working for the manufacturer, Oct. 2016).