Ezyrollers black


The EzyRoller features an exciting, bold design, first-of-its-kind concept and shiny bright red color. Unique locomotive technology allows a simple left, right movement to propel the roller forward. Just place feet on the straight foot bar and alternate feet left and right to move. Kids will quickly catch on and be having EzyRoller relay races and hockey matches in no time. Nothing to charge, fill, or turn on except the fun! Ages 5 +.


No batteries, gears or pedals 
A whole new way to move! 
Promotes inclusive play

Skill Building

The alternating motion of children's legs on the foot bar promotes the development of gross motor skills and coordination. As they discover to how move faster on the EzyRoller and their self-esteem is likely to improve. Rolling through obstacle courses is a great way for children to use their social skills with friends. The EzyRoller is an inclusive toy that lets children of all abilities play together.