Faux Bow Boxed


A wonderfully, amazing alternative to a bow and arrow. The high-quality, latex- and phalate-free toy has the feel of a real bow in your hands. Nothing high tech here, just good plain fun. It feels good in your hands and gives you the feel of loading a real bow when you put the foam missiles in the bow and pull back. Relaxing your fingers on the "slip roller" allows the missiles to fly at amazing speeds and impressive distances.

Marky Sparky Toys Faux Bow Foarm Arrow Launcher:

The Faux Bow was designed with only one goal: To be the best performing toy bow on the market

Comes with 3 arrows

Shoots missiles over 100'

Faux Black Ebony handle from the Faux Forest of Southern India and Sri Lanka

Faux Titanium Quiver holds up to three extra missiles

Assembly instructions: No assembly required