Finders keepers card game


Quick! Look for a card that shows a cupcake and a horse, but not a shark. With this great visual game the whole family can play, you'll be frantically searching for a card that meets the right criteria to win! The game contains 49 double sided cards; one side contains 10 colorful objects in various sizes, the other contains search criteria. The criteria side is divided into two halves: a green portion that shows what objects you are searching for, and a red portion that shows an object that is not allowed on the correct card. All cards start spread out, object side up, and then one card is flipped to start the search. The first player to find a card that meets the requirements collects a card. For young and old alike, there is no reading required, so even your very littles have a chance to win! 1-6 players; game time runs approximately 10 minutes.