It's alive slime lab


Get to know the slimy side of science!

Follow along with the fifteen page manual to concoct your own icky-sticky goo of all kinds and then use it for real experimentation.

Freaky fluids, mucus slime, blob slime, sticky slime, and fizzling slime - It's a whole mess of fun!

Discover how different mixtures create different consistencies of slime and how each new type reacts to its surroundings differently.

Learn about the principals of viscosity and elasticity. Experiment with cohesion and cross-linked polymers. Discover why slimes stick together the way they do.

Then, put each of your concoctions into the motorized Slime-O-Nator and see them come to life!

Vibrations travel through the slime, causing it to jump, dance, and splat. Turn the dial to go from mild to wild!

The science of goo is waiting for you to jump into slime-splatting action with the It's Alive Slime Lab.

It's Alive! Slime Lab

Kit for making and experimenting with slime

Encourages fine motor skills, logic, scientific learning

Kids see, feel, and play with the product of their scientific learning

Activities include Freaky Fluids, Franken-Slimes, Mucus Monsters, Blob Slimes, Fearsome Froths, Beyond Slime

Conduct 20 experiments throughout each activity

Slime-O-Nator sends vibrations through slime causing wild movements

Booklet features step-by-step instructions, fun facts, simple explanations

Dial on Slime-O-Nator intensifies vibrations

Includes motorized Slime-O-Nator, wave dome, 2-pice slime dome, graduated cylinder, mixing cup, dropper, goop scoop, slime stick

Detailed instructions and experiment book included

Requires 4 AA batteries - Not included

Ingredients required from home: baking soda, borax laundry booster, corn syrup (light), cornstarch, food coloring, gelatin (unflavored), clear or glittered glue, white glue, lemon juice, liquid starch (like Sta-flo), ground pepper, red or purple cabbage, vinegar

Durable materials, strong construction - long-lasting, high-quality experimentation