Light crystal prism 2.5


Split a beam of light into a multicolored rainbow

Reflect images into wonderful kaleidoscopic patterns

Comes with a removable black base and instructions

The Light Crystal Prism will fascinate children by demonstrating the rainbow of colors hidden in natural sunlight.

The Light Crystal Prism will provide hours of imaginative play for your child.

Easy to understand Instructions included.

A quality acrylic prism for fun and exploration.

What are rainbows made of? Kids can learn about them with this Light Crystal Prism. When they hold the prism up to sunlight, they'll discover how white light gets refracted into the whole spectrum of separate colors. They can also create their own kaleidoscope using colorful cardboard cutouts and the provided instructions. Made of hard clear plastic, the 2.5" prism comes with a hexagonal display stand. In addition, a package insert describes the science of light refraction and reflection in language that's easy to understand.

Ages 5 and up