Pet tornado


Nature's most destructive force can be observed and enjoyed. Shake the Pet Tornado clockwise and watch the funnel form. F1-F5 tornado information included. Perfect addition to weather science curriculum.

A fun science novelty, an attention-getter for your study of weather, or... display a few Pet Tornadoes at your Science Fair and the crowd gathers round!

Tedco Pet Tornado

Shake the Pet Tornadoes and funnels form instantly

A simple and effective way to inspire interest in tornadoes

With added information (researched on your own) your presentation is all set

Consider exploring: Weather conditions that bring tornadoes, how tornadoes are formed, how they are predicted, types of tornadoes, how they are rated by intensity, where they occur most frequently, signs of an approaching tornado, types of damage by tornadoes, tracking tornadoes, tornadoes that made history, and current scientific research.