SkaZooms Ramp Ride


The perfect ramp for your SkaZooms to ride on! With slots to hold up to 6 SkaZooms boards, banks for sweet air tricks and a target for your favourite SkaZooms character to slide into, this ramp is a blast! Also included is an awesome sticker sheet, so you can decorate your Ramp Ride and make it even cooler! Strawbs, Sarge and the rest of the SkaZooms love to slide, spin and crash the days away on the SkaZooms Ramp Ride. (SkaZooms sold separately)

SkaZooms are the amazing new toy that moves like magic! With SkaZooms accessories you can make your SkaZooms jump, flip and bounce! SkaZooms - the cool new way to collect, trade and play!

SkaZooms sold separately.