Sweet and Sassy Skunk


It's sweet, it's sassy, it's the Pink Stuffed Skunk Sweet and Sassy Plush by Wild Republic! This uniquely designed pink skunk stuffed animal is full of fun surprises! Big blue eyes with sparkles in the irises, pink paws, and a bright pink stripe make the Sweet and Sassy pink stuffed skunk really stand out in a crowd. All of the other stuffed skunks wish that they were even one-tenth as sweet and sassy as this head-turning pink plush skunk. It's stylin' and profilin' and making a name for itself everywhere it goes! A bright and exciting design make this pink stuffed skunk stand out, top notch materials and construction make it stick around. The stunning color combination makes it truly a one of a kind stuffed skunk. It's like a real skunk went to the hair salon and came out looking fabulous! Measuring about twelve inches, this pink stuffed skunk is a mid-sized Sweet and Sassy Plush.