Zingo Sight Words


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What do you get when you combine the classic game of Bingo with word learning? Zingo! Sight Words Game from Thinkfun! Utilizing the simple game of Bingo, this game, developed by leading educators is geared to help young kids learn their "sight" words quickly and have fun at the same time! "Sight" words represent the most common words in the English language that are often difficult to sound or spell out. By mastering these basic words such as "our," "was" or "there," young kids get a jump start on their reading development and skills. Each player gets a 9-square bingo card and must match the word bingo tiles that the bright red, chunky Zingo "Zinger" shoots out two at a time. The first player to fill all 9 spaces on their card wins! 

Age: 4-7 

Fun for 2-6 players.