Smelli Gelli Baff 300G Bubble Gum

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Smelli Gelli Baff 300G Bubble Gum

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Zimpli Kids Smelli Gelli Baff Bath Time Fun turns the bathtub into a playground. It turns water into a completely different texture. Youngsters will enjoy playing in the slimy water. The aroma from the bubblegum scent Gelli Baff pool bath fun makes taking a soak twice as fun. Use the biodegradable powder to turn the water to a slimy texture. Just fill the bath with water as normal and sprinkle the powder in the water. Mix it around and watch the water change to slime. Add more water to turn the slime back to colored water. This kids' bathroom time fun scent will not stain the skin and is 100-percent safe. It does not leave residue on the container and will not stain carpet or clothes. Washing time is a fun and playful experience. Recommended for children age 3-years old and up. The non-toxic product is manufactured in the U.K. and is environmentally friendly. It drains away and disposes of easily. Zimpli Kids Smelli Gelli Baff bath time fun turns your bath water into a gooey oozy bath of slime, with no second dissolver sachet at the end.