Spot It Game

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Spot It Game

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There are several ways to play Spot It! but the strategy is the same: be the first player to “spot” one of the eight illustrated symbols on your card to the matching symbol on another card. Sounds simple, right? But there is more to this game than meets the eye when you consider that there is only one match for the symbol you are searching for on one of the remaining 54 playing cards. And while the matching symbols are the same colour and shape, they may be different sizes. You’ll be surprised at how the variety of images on these cards will challenge your eyes. And because Spot It! requires keen visual perception skills and quick reflexes, this creates a level playing field across all ages. So watch out for those younger players as they set their sights on the win. With lively action and endless fun, your family will only have eyes for Spot It!

Contains 55 round picture cards and illustrated instructions in a small, portable storage tin.

Age:  2 - 8 players.

Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's 2010 Best Toy Award Gold Seal, Parent's Choice Foundation's 2010 Gold Gold Award, Canadian Toy Testing Council's 2008-2010 Children's Choice Award, NAPPA's Gold Award, ASTRA's 2010 Best Toys for Kids Gold Award, and Dr. Toy's 10 Best Vacation Children Products and 10 Best Games Awards in 2010.